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The Future of Watches is Now?

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There was a time not too far away where we would foresee a future in which watches would be intelligent. Where you could use them as agenda, and where you could use your watch to communicate. It’s not exactly how it went. Cellphones can do all of this, but watches are still just time providers, for the most part. Or are they? Let’s take a look at the latest technological advancement on the watches market. After Smartphones, Smartwatches These past few years have all been about smartphones, and it’s hard…read more

Internet vs TV : Not a Fair Fight

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Often, I get nostalgic of the days where I had meetings with my favorite tv shows. The waiting game between episodes was part of the thrill, and even commercials were somehow enjoyable. Nowadays, with services like Netflix¬†and Hulu, it seems like I’m the one and only ruler of the airing schedule. Yes that’s a good thing, and no I wouldn’t go back to the 90s, but I have to admit that Internet is killing TV softly but surely. “Hey Johnny, you’re jumping the gun here, TV is still alive and…read more